24 October 2017

Teaching Reading For the BLP Learners

The Division Office of Quezon City, in collaboration of Senior Education Program Specialist (EPS) and EPS per Congressional District of Quezon City organized an Enhancement Training for Teaching Reading for the BLP Learners. It was held at Quezon City Science Interactive Center last October 24, 25, and 26, 2017. It was attended by two Instructional Managers of our institution namely Mr. Darren Ilarina (Parola) and Mr. Edwin Guevarra (Payatas). 



Several topics has been discussed such as the Importance of Teaching Reading for the Basic Literacy Program (BLP), Reading Assesment of Basic Literacy (ABL), and Marungko Approach.

The Marungko Approach is one of the strategy in reading. This approach provides materials to the success in teaching reading. Hand signs of different letters in the alphabet are being taught in this technique. Letters and sound of the letters are introduced in songs and poems. Hence, the pupils would have fun singing and reciting the poems and at the same time they would be able to recognize or read the word easily.

The ABL on the other hand are used to guide users in administering, scoring and interpreting the test instrument for the Assessment for Basic Literacy (ABL) Test.

It was spearheaded by various experienced and competent speakers such as Mr. Juan C. Obierna, Mr. Mark Padilla,Ms. Jenelyn Ching, Ms. Mayete Caballerro, Mr. Erik Santos, and Mr. Dennis Mano,EPSA.

The three days seminar is so successful, meaningful and fruitful to all the participants. We are all strengthen and enlighten to do our part as a teacher and an educator.





Different groups making their lesson plan following Marungko Approach




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