30 August 2017

National Language Month Celebration

In line with country’s celebration of National Language Month, the Parola Center held a program to celebrate the birth of the nation medium of communication, the language. The celebration was held at Delpan Sport Complex last August 30, 2017, Wednesday. It was attended by the learners from 3 different levels of ALSA BUHAY program.


The celebration has the theme of “Filipino: Wikang Mapagbago.” It aimed to show to the learners how language affects the life of an individual and what we can do to properly adopt the changes in our society through language.

The program was opened by the Nationalistic Dance led by Mr. Darren Ilarina, one of the Instructional Manager of Parola Center with the combination of BLP and Elementary learners. It was followed by the prayer of Jose Carlo Arcilla an Elementary learner. Sr. Mila P. Singap, FLP the Parola Supervisor gave her opening remarks to formally start the program.

The whole celebration was divided into four competitions that anchored to only one topic. The competitions were “Sabayang Pagbigkas”, joined by the two groups combined elementary and secondary, the poster, slogan and easy contest which participated by the learners from different level. The competitions were judged by Ms. Cyra Carmina Albat the community organizer of ICTSI and two barangay workers from brgy 275. The elementary level headed by Ms. Mylene Ballaran give an intermission number which is an ethnic dance from Cebu, the Subli Dance.

The program ends in a simple but soul touching speech of the Parola Social Worker, Ms. Jennifer Basconcillo. The whole celebration was facilitated and hosted by the second batch passer Mr. Elmer Palikpik.



Elementary learners Performing Nationalistic Dance


Learners, Judges, Staff and all Participants of Buwan ng Wika Celebration


The judges of the competition


The Subli dance by Elementary Learners




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