25 August 2017

5th Foundation Day and Buwan ng Wika

Two of the highly anticipated events in Payatas center took place last August 25, 2017. This month marks the 5th year anniversary of Puso Sa Puso Edukasyon, Inc. here in Payatas community. To be exact, on August 06, 2012, the Diocese of Novaliches together with the parish priest of Kristong Hari Parish, Fr. Roland Jaluag and our very own President of our foundation, Fr. Artur Chrzanowski, SDS signed the memorandum of agreement lending to us the Payatas Youth Center and make changes in the lives of youth though education. And we see that in span of 5 years, a lot of things took place including challenging situations and precious and memorable moments. The theme for this year’s anniversary is: Making Changes; Youth Got the Power!


In similar fashion, this month also commemorate the richness and significance of Philippine national language – Filipino which the event known for us as “Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa 2017”. Various activities are conducted in every sector both in public and private. The theme for this celebration is “Filipino: Wikang Mapagbago”.

These two events commenced with a Thanksgiving Mass presided by Fr. Artur, SDS. The homily centered in expressing and sharing love to the others. This leave powerful message to the attendees that love comes in many forms and indeed, our true universal language.

After the mass, the celebration continues. The inclement weather didn’t stop the learners to showcase their presentations and talents which highlights the linguistic and cultural diversity in our country. These presentations include “Sabayang Pagbigkas” (speech choir), ethnic dance such as Muslim dance, Tinikling, and tribal-themed, singing of OPM (Original Philippine Music) and nationalistic song, Muay Thai demonstration, and many more.

The celebration turned out to be a very successful one. Truly, we celebrate the mission that comes from the heart and spread to those who have valued their dreams once again and accept changes. Changes that our country needs especially in this time where a lot of misunderstanding, political and religious division, and moral challenges that are happening. And we believe, by empowering our learners, the youth and the old, we can have a power to make positive and fruitful changes!



Thanksgiving Mass presided by Fr. Artur (photos above); Sr. Frances, SDS and Sr. Mila, FLP giving messages to the attendees


Some of the highlights and performances from the learners




Puso Sa Puso

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