21 June 2017

Monthly Mass June 2017

Another fresh start for ALSA BUHAY Payatas Center as the new batch of beneficiaries starting to immerse themselves in the new environment and new people that they will be dealing in the near future. To make it more meaningful, the first monthly Friday mass for 5th batch took place at Sagrada Familia Chapel and presided by our very own President, Fr. Artur Chrzanowski, SDS. 


In his Homily, Fr. Artur highlighted how our main organs such as the brain and heart being as one of the wonders of creation. Even there sizes are not too big, they hold so much memories, learning, and of course, our loved ones whom mark in our hearts forever. He also used this moment to give caring advice to the learners. He added that they should learn to say “yes” and “no” in many circumstances. Yes, to speak the truth and being honest, to be a kind person, to choose to help others, and to obey rules and following instructions. In similar manner, he advised learners to not to lie, cheat, bully, discriminate, and most importantly, no to addictions in general.

Meanwhile, on June 28, 2017, Wednesday, 10:00 am, the Eucharistic Celebration was also held at Puso sa Puso Livelihood Center, Delpan Tondo, Manila, presided by Fr. Artur Chrzanowski, SDS, and attended by ALSA BUHAY beneficiaries (6th and 7th batch learners) along with their guardians, and some beneficiaries from Puso Sa Puso Fire Response.

In his homily, Fr. Artur uses the analogy of the covenant between God and His people of Israel to the relationship between the Foundation and the learners. Like God’s promises, the foundation promise to help the beneficiaries in changing their lives through free education, helping them to pass the Accreditation and Equivalency Test. But the learners must do their part to be faithful to their studies, by attending classes every day, and do their homework and projects. But it is not by education but also the spiritual aspects of their lives. All of these are all possible in the bond of friendship.


Celebration of mass in Payatas, Quezon City


The photo was taken during the Eucharistic mass of Fr. Artur, SDS at Parola Livelihood Center




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