29 April 2017

Basic Hygiene and Common Health Issues Session

On the 27th of April, the students from Ateneo Medical School presented the short videos on some common diseases and the basic hygiene. It was attended by 30 ALSA-BUHAY learners. It was held at ALSA BUHAY Payatas Center. The purpose of the activity is to give awareness, preventions, and proper medications on the common illnesses such as cough, runny nose, fever, and diarrhea. They also presented videos on the importance of cleanliness and the proper way of hand washing. 



After the presentations, participants were given a chance to ask questions on other health issues that they encounter and the proper medications about it. The Ateneo Medical Students answered the questions given by the participants in the best knowledge that they had.


Participants and staff were very grateful for the knowledge that the Ateneo Medical students partaken. We were enlightened on the appropriate remedies for those common illnesses and we were able to received good health advises from them.


“Mr. Agustin while introducing his team and the health video presentation”


“Photo of learners while watching the short video on health”


“Question and Answer Portion”




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