We continue to support the former beneficiaries of the ALSA BUHAY Program in their efforts to effectively go back to the formal school, even after the end of the 12 months-Program, by offering scholarships to the most disserving ones. ž

Our scholars are selected upon four main criterias: indigency, family situation, motivation, and academic performance.


John Carl Ayaton

When his mother died few years ago, John Carl (8) stayed with his father, while Tanding, his younger brother, went to another province to live with her grandmother (the one of the mother’s side). Since then, the two brothers have not seen each other again. žThe father of John Carl has sometimes a violent behavior and her new live-in partner, Janeth, does not accept to live in the same house as John Carl. The little boy feels safe only when he is with Evangeline, the mother of Janeth, who feels affection for him. In fact, she raises him as her own son and takes care of him. But, Evangeline, who is now 78 years old, cannot afford to enroll him in school because of her financial situation. žJohn Carl is a really sweet and smiling little boy, who dreams to have the chance to go to school one day.ž žThis year, he is participating to a program that Puso sa Puso Edukasyon, Inc. has set up in order to provide basic education to around 80 children between 3 and 8 years old.


Alvin Monte

Sonia, the mother of Alvin comes from the island of Negros, in the Visayas region. When she was 17, she left her province to work in Manila as a Housemaid. That is where she met Angelito, her husband. The couple married twenty years ago. Together they have 4 children, three girls and a boy. The family was happy until their situation brutally changed, when Angelito has got sick three years ago. According to the doctors, he has tuberculosis, a very incapacitating sickness that avoids him to work. Sonia, the mother of Alvin, is sick as well and is not capable anymore to go the nearest neighborhood of Divisoria, where she was used to sell ears of corn. As a consequence, the family lives from now on in a situation of indigence and the parents cannot afford to send their children to school because of the lack of incomes. According to his former teachers, Alvin is an incredible fast learner and he is highly motivated to study. Logically, he dreams to become later on a teacher.


Janelle Carla Arevalo

In 2010, when she was in 4th Year high School, Janelle, 22 years old, had to suspend her studies because of financial problems. Indeed, her father got tuberculosis, a very incapacitating sickness, and was not able to work anymore. To support financially her family, Janelle moved to Parola, where was living her auntie, and got a job as Saleslady in an Office Supplies Shop. Few months after her arrival, she met Jhemel, her partner. Together, they got a baby, Lian Nathalie, who is now 3 years old. Even if they do not see each other more than two days every week (Jhemel works as a Timekeeper in a construction company in the city of Antipolo - located at several hours from Parola - and goes back home only during the week-end), the couple is struggling to raise her daughter and to give her the best possible education. žJanelle, is a really responsible young mother. Although the Life has not always treat her kindly and even if she had to sacrifice her studies in order to support her family, Janelle keeps believing in a better future for her and her little daughter.