Alternative Learning System Approach:
Bridging Unlimited Hope for the Advancement of Youth

žKey Program of PUSO SA PUSO EDUKASYON, INC., the project ALSA BUHAY aims to provide a framework for supporting out-of-school youth to complete basic education through the ALS (Alternative Learning System), a Philippine government programme that awards certificates of equivalency for elementary and secondary school diplomas.


Our Centers in Payatas & Parola


P r e s c h o o l   P r o g r a m

žžOur International Volunteers (from 18 to 29 years old) undergo trainings on the practice of preschool teaching, before to hold lessons for children who are between three and six years old. žThe program aims to give these children the same chance than the ones going to kindergarten, by providing them basic education for free (Alphabet, numbers, colors, social skills, calculation…).

Our Volunteers


A   S p e c i a l   T r a i n i n g

žžThe students of this program, from 8 years old to 45 years old, go every Friday to the ALSA BUHAY Centers of Parola and Payatas, where they undergo special training adapted to their academic level. This program aims to help them to acquire the basic knowledge and skills, that will allow them to better integrate into the economic and social system. We are perfectly aware that these learners will not be able to reach the level required to pass the examination, but alone the results of this program and the amazing progress made by the beneficiaries fully justify the attention that we give them.