Formation for UNCRC

The first formation for 5th Batch was held last February 28, 2015. It was entitled United Nation Convention for the right of the Child (UNCRC) given by Sr. Ma. Adeline Abamo, one of the advocates of Salvatorian Pastoral Care for Children. The attendees of this formation were both parents and learners. 


The venue of this formation was in Puso sa Puso Edukasyon Inc. Livelihood Center. We cannot cater a huge number of attendees, therefore, Sr. Adeline as a facilitator of this activity decided to divide the group. The morning session was assigned to the parents while afternoon session was dedicated to the learners.

The discussion was focused on enumerating the right of the child which was categorized in two rights; the survival rights and developmental rights of the child. In sharing of some parents in rearing their kids, there were realizations that some of those rights were violated and neglected instead of protecting it. While in the learners sessions, during their sharing, there were cases arises that most of them were physically abused by their parents and some relatives. This cases was recorded by Social Worker and be given an intervention as a part of their rights.

We finished the formation at around 5:00pm in the afternoon. All of the attendees were now full of knowledge about the rights of the child. And we were hoping that through this formation, we can help both parents and learners to establish safe and protective environment.