Accreditation & Equivalency Exam

The ALS Accreditation & Equivalency Test is a multiple choice paper and pencil test. The test is designed to measure the competencies of those who have not finished either the formal elementary or secondary education and enrolled and completed the 10 months program of Alternative Learning System. Passers of this test are given a certificate/diploma (which bears the seal and the signature of the Department Secretary) certifying their competencies as comparable to graduates of the formal school system. Hence, they are qualified to enroll in high school (for elementary level passers) and to enroll in college (for secondary level passers). 


The previous school year 2013-2014, the A&E Examination was moved on January 25, 2015 which was commonly given every month of October or November. This was actually moved twice from December 14, 2014 then moved again to the said date due to public demand. It has positive and negative impact to the learners. Positive in terms of the review time was given in a longer period of time and negative because most of our learners were working during Christmas season.

At around 6:00am, we were packed and prepared and went to the designated schools. Elementery was assigned in Padre Gomez Elementary School, while secondary was divided into two schools, one in Apolinario Mabini School while the other one was in Victoriano Mapa Elementary School. The numbers of the learners who took the examination was 42, 16 from elementary and 26 from secondary. The examination started at around 8:00 am, staffs were not allowed to enter the designated room for each learner. We provide food and water for each learner so that if they felt hungry they can have light snacks inside the room. We wait until 12:00 noon and finally the examination was finished.

According to the feedback of the learners the examination given to them actually the same with the reviewer we provided to them. The essay type was the same in Elementary and Secondary it was all about the effects of mobile phone in their personal life. They felt relax after the examination hoping for the positive result.