Church Visitation

Church Visitation was held in preparation for the Accreditation and Equivalency Examination of the learners. We gathered all the learners for them to prepare themselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Most of the learners attended this activity beside of those who are not catholic, but they also attended their spiritual fellowship in their own congregation. This was held in Sto Niño Tondo Church for it was the best and accessible church for the learners.


The mass was started at around 5:00pm and end at 6:00pm. The reading was from the book of Hebrew, chapter 8 and the message of the Priest was all about the power of Jesus Christ to healed physical and spiritual illness. Learners were focused and serious during the mass and they believed in the word of God that it will be materializing in their life through passing A&E Examination. In the end of the mass, the Priest intentionally offered a prayer to God for our learners.

We also brought them in the prayer area where they offered their personal prayer to God intimately. We went home blessed and full of hope for our life.