Letters from the Heart

Some letters of our beneficiaries and learners to Puso Sa Puso Edukasyon, Inc.'s Sponsors.


To all ALSA BUHAY Sponsors,

I’m so blessed that I’m part of this wonderful school. It’s a big opportunity to be ALSA BUHAY Learners. We are so thankful to have a nicest teachers and a free study. Lots of Filipino people can’t continue studying because of being poor. Instead of studying, they need to work in their early ages. That’s why ALSA BUHAY is a big help to someone like me who wants to study but we can’t afford all expenses while studying. Without a sponsor like you they can’t continue teaching us. God is good for making a good hearted person to help other people. You are a big blessing to us with our hardworking teachers. 

Thank you so much from continuing supporting us, may god bless you and we will promise that we will do our best so that we can have a good grades. All the knowledge that we will learn here, we owe it to you. May you have a Merry, Merry Christmas and a bounty New Year. We will pray for your good health. Sincerely yours, Learner – Ma. Theresita Sapno


Dear Sponsors and All Staffs of ALSA BUHAY ,

Thank you for the help that you are providing us. I am also thankful to you because I was able to continue my studies and I started hoping again because of your good relationship with us. I hope you will not change and will not get tired of helping people like us. 

Again, with gratitude…  - Catherine Espinosa Learner/Young Mother


To ALSA BUHAY Sponsors,

This is a short letter with a short story and greeting. I hope you like it.

When I was studying in the formal school and stopped, I lost hope and dream to finish my studies. My dream is to finish my studies, be able to work and help my family, to earn money for business and to put up different decent types of businesses such as hotels and restaurants. But when I stopped from schooling and married early, I gradually lost hope that I will accomplish all of these. 

But for now, I am so thankful to the people who established Puso sa Puso Edukasyon Inc. and its ALSA- BUHAY Program. Without you and the ALSA-BUHAY Program, there will be no way in achieving my desired dream. I started aiming to continue my studies when I enrolled in the program. 

To all supporters of ALSA-BUHAY, many thanks!

This upcoming Christmas and New Year, a happy greeting with sweet smile and gratitude are my gifts to you. May you help more and teach them to dream again just as I did.

Advance merry Christmas and a happy new year! Thank you very much.  - Learner - Rhania Cabriana


Dear ALSA BUHAY Sponsors, 

Thank you to all sponsors of ALSA BUHAY because you helped a lot of children and youths who are aiming to finish their studies and wanting to achieve their dreams. So this Christmas, may your Christmas be happy and be able to help more children and youths. 

Again, thank you very much and merry Christmas to all of you. Happy New Year and God bless!

Jason Gonzales - Learner


Dear Donors & Sponsors;

Hello, How are you, I hope you are fine like us that even there's a lot of trials still fine and feeling good. I am glad to write a letter for you, It is an opportunity to say thank you very much for every help you gave to us.

I remember it was almost one year that I been here in Alsa Buhay learning center. There was a lot of good things happen in my life. My perception in life also change before I was satisfied to become a mother and wife to my family. But now I dream that someday I achieved more than this because I am now a person who make something different for my future and my family. I am active in our batch I was in charge in cooking where I did my best, for it was a great opportunity to serve my co learners. I am also the president of the class were I am in charge in networking in community especially the purok leader every time we need help. Studying in Alsa Buhay is a very great opportunity happen in my life.

Even my passion in education was ignite and then I make sure that I will do my best to support the education of my own children. And I know all of this was happen in my life because of your support in Puso sa Puso Edukasyon Inc.

Now we are waiting for A&E Examination this coming Jan. 2015. Some of the learners are ready but me I am not so sure if I will pass but I hope and pray that I will pass for your help will be not wasted. But I will assure you that whatever will happen, I will pursue and continue my study until there is a helpful and grateful person who give us an opportunity to achieve our dreams.

Again thank you so much and we will pray that may God continue to bless you so that you can be a vessel of blessings for the people like me. 

Sincerely Yours, Leoning Docong – Learners